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Working together on documents

It is also possible to work together on documents while you’re in GoMeet. This can be done very easily via Google Docs.

Step 1

Open an existing file or create a new one with Google Docs using your own Google account.

Step 2

When the document is open, click on “Share” at the top right.

Please note that in case you create a new document, a title must be added to the document first.

Step 3

A screen opens where you can share the file with others. Click in the lower field to edit it.

Step 4

The link is automatically set to public. This way everyone has access to the document.

Please note that you make sure “Can edit” is selected.

Step 5

Copy the displayed link and paste it into the GoMeet presentation tool. Do not forget to click “Done”.

You are now ready to work together on a document.