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Everyone present can hear you through the microphone on your computer. If you walk close to a person, you will hear them louder than if they were further away, as in the real world.

To turn off your sound, click on the green mic at the bottom left.

See also: Settings

Public in private chats

You can also send messages in GoMeet. There is a distinction between public and private messages.

Public messages are visible to the entire environment, such as an Expo Hall or Auditorium. So not the whole world.

Private messages are only visible to people within a private environment. You can recognise these environments by the blue line.

Private areas

All over the campus, you will find spaces with a light blue line. These spaces are private environments. Only people within this space can hear each other. In other words, everything that is said here (both microphone and chat) is only noticeable within this line.

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